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It is hard to believe that it has been ten years since you, the voters, sent me to Charleston to be YOUR voice at the Legislature. My sincerest thanks to all of you who voted for me, volunteered, and donated financially to my campaign. I could not have achieved victory without each and every one of you.

The 2012 election season is upon us and I ask for your support once again! In 2002, you voted for CHANGE! Like me, you love West Virginia and desire to stay here, raise your families, and make a decent living. With the loss of 50,000 jobs over the last few years and with our young people leaving our wonderful state, West Virginia had lost more than $1.5 billion in revenue & wages. Like me, you were tired of West Virginia ranking 49th in per capita income. We have many strengths......tourism, Marshall University, wonderful hospitals, and new developments like Pullman Square. Together, we have proven that we can build upon our strengths.

I believe that promises made, should be promises kept. Results, not rhetoric, is important. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "Well DONE, is better than well SAID." When you first elected me, I promised to be hardworking and diligent for my district, I was one of approximately 16 legislators out of 100 to be honored each year by the House Clerk for my 100% voting record. In nine years, I never missed a vote! I will continue to work hard for YOU!

If re-elected, I will continue to keep my promises. I will continue to hold the line on no new tax increases on our already overburdened citizens and continue to work to prioritize spending, cut government waste, and work with local, state, and federal leaders in a collaborative effort to improve West Virginia.

West Virginia is at the crossroads. We can either go back to the past or we can embrace the future! I believe West Virginia has a bright future. Together, let's keep the momentum for CHANGE! Together, we can continue to move West Virginia in the right direction!

Thank you for visiting my campaign website.To learn more about me and the issues I care about, please take a moment to visit my issues page and other pages on this site.

As always, I want to continue to be available and accessible to you. Please continue to visit my website for current information, and don't forget to email me or call me with your concerns, as together we strive to move West Virginia forward!


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